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Diatribe #1: Mayweather the Storm

Recently, life has been punching me in my teeth, using the Tyson Method. Not a whole lot of charming jabs, just straight hooks and uppercuts at savage speeds. I make an unattractive salary, just found out that I’m losing financial aid in my senior year, and I’m in a dead-end city. I’ve contemplated staying on the mat and riding out the count.  However, I’m learning to pick my punches a lot better and cover up when necessary. Besides, I have two boys that need to know what it looks like to fight the good fight.


It’s easy to go down in a blaze of glory these days as has the general public has the mentality of “live fast, die young.” Posterity is my modus operandi and I’d rather see the judges scorecard than taking an involuntary nap.  I’m grinding to live in a world where I work to see my grandkids benefit from my prudent lifestyle. I’m going Ham’...Abraham.


If you can’t tell, I’m a huge boxing fan. I don’t catch a lot of fights live but, I catch the recaps on YouTube. I’ve learned that learning to win is more important than looking good. Fighters like Deontay Wilder teeter between winning and losing, often looking for the knockout blow to end the fight. Exciting, yet, this is an equal opportunity style and your opponent has the same odds. I’d rather fight like Floyd, controlling the bout from the jump, taking cover, and picking my punches.


Metaphors aside. Patience is important. Moving smart does not mean moving slow, it means making good decisions and not dragging your feet. Taking cover is just closing yourself off to certain people, places, or things that could do damage to your end goal.


Remember, a win by the score cards and a win by knockout secures the belt all the same Champ.

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Stay Noble.

Christian Hardy